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First time blogger right here

29 Aug

So I created my WordPress back in high school for an assignment, but never really got into the whole blogging thing. Don’t get me wrong it’s really cool for some people and I enjoy reading blogs, but I feel as if my contributions to the internet may be insignificant compared to those with much more exciting lives. Who knows. I guess it makes the world a little more interesting and fun when you get to see what everyone thinks or says, despite how normal they may be. So here goes nothing!

I am a sophomore at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I’m studying journalism and am completely in love with everything it entails. I hope one day to deal with very hands on marketing and public relations work, preferably having a job that allows lots of travel. Most recently I FINALLY started taking the classes I wish I had been taking since the beginning of last year, Multimedia being the best one by far! It is amazing to go to a school that paves the way for this profession and that I get so much experience so soon! In class right now we are learning about photography, more specifically the Nikon D7000 camera. I took pictures in high school and bought my own Canon 30D so I’m pretty familiar with photography and have a really strong passion for it. I’m really excited to use the Nikon camera though just to learn something new! Similar to my obsession with music and other things of that nature, I had to immediately begin googling and youtubing (yep I just made those verbs) everything I could to learn about this camera when I found this¬†D7000 Showreel¬†that really caught my eye! It shows the crazy advances in technology and pushes photography to new limits. Also in my findings I came across the website of Chase Jarvis, who actually created a really neat video we watched in class. I love looking at others peoples’ work for inspiration and seeing all the things I may one day be able to do myself!

I’m looking forward to my first semester this year and can’t wait to see where this class takes me!