Contemplating the future

4 Sep

So I’ve been sitting here doing my loads of homework that has nothing to do with my future. As I say that though, I realize that the job of a journalist is to be informed….about pretty much everything. I mean you never know what you may report on, right? So I then try (very very hard might I add) to convince myself that geology and statistics will help me in the long run. Ohhh the long run. Thinking about the future both excites me and scares the living hell out of me, especially since I know I’ll be doing something pertaining to journalism. Upside: There are plenty of different opportunities in the profession so I’m pretty much set. Downside: people’s faith in and respect for journalists is not exactly thriving, and for a good reason I suppose. You look at the whole Murdoch scandal along with others like it and wonder who is behind the information we are fed and what their motives are. With technology advancing at the speed of light it has prompted them to always be the first, and not the most accurate. Therefore, more and more time is spent retracting wrong information rather than searching for the truth the first time around! So, from there spawns my disappointment in the very thing I wish to do with my life.

It’s stories like A Thousand More that remind me good journalism does truly exist. It’s journalists like these that prompt me to keep on keeping on!

Obviously I’m not going to jump ship and abandon everything I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. That’s a waste! Recognizing the bad in something and working to make it better is what makes life interesting. Sitting in a class with 200 more students that wish to do the same is just as inspiring. Last week in class we watched  A Thousand More, a video of one family’s life with a son diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The time, the dedication, and the investment to tell this story is simply amazing. Apart from all of the immediate tweeting and online newspaper updates and fast paced deadlines comes this story that slows down the world for 13 minutes to offer a glimpse into the life of a boy who would normally slip through the cracks of society. His life is not extraordinary, his family is not flashy, and his town is no greater than any other. It is the way his story is depicted and told that proves how special he really is. There was no pressure to do something better than a competitor or to post it faster than any other website. The people who created this piece just took their time to reveal a heartfelt, compelling story for the world to see. This is another one of my favorite videos:


It can be found on Mediastorm along with the first video I mentioned. It also shows the extensive lengths that journalists go and their invested interests in their subjects. I watched it for the first time about three years ago and I still continue to go back to it for inspiration.

Well I suppose that’s enough deep thinking and contemplation for now. Every time I feel like I’m not exactly sure how I’ll get to where I want to be I’m easily reminded by honest people who work so hard to do the right thing that it is possible to succeed and I’m going to be just fine!

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