12 Sep

Bombing at New Delhi. A shooting at a Nevada IHOP. Protesters attacking in Egypt. A Taliban truck bomb explosion…..I could go on forever listing all of the updates that frantically fill up my twitter feed daily. Those events occurred in the time span of a week and that’s not even near the complete list. It’s mind blowing to sit down and read post after post about bombings, attacks, threats, shootings and so on. Sometimes I think it may just be a way for the  news and media to impress the shock factor upon us all so that we’ll keep reading. I wonder if they truly try to inform citizens anymore or just wish to boost their ratings and readership. Then again, maybe this is just what the world has become. A series of unfortunate events.

Of course there are the occasional stories that are interesting and, for once, just happy. Those are my favorite. It proves that not all news and information we receive from around the globe has to be negative, angry, or depressing! It’s funny whenever I hear all these crazy stories I think of songs like One day by Matisyahu and Where Is the Love  by the Black Eyed Peas. It kinda gives me chills because I try to really imagine what life would be like where I didn’t have to hear about someone unnecessarily dying every single day and people actually cared about others. Even on a day like today I tried to think positive about 9/11 because our country has persevered and come together to show great unity, but it was clouded by numerous threats received by United States about possible attacks. It just amazes me how you can leap so far forward only to be thrown back again. I can’t believe how dense and self centered and stereotypical the world still is despite all of the efforts made throughout time. You would think by now people are wise enough to see that we are never ever all going to be the same and you can’t hate someone for being the person they are! I recently found a project called Life In A Day of people’s self taken videos that show one day of life on Earth from the points of view of people across the world. The footage is not all groundbreaking, but it’s real. Real people living their lives and showing that we aren’t so different from one another after all. I haven’t seen the actual movie yet, but the trailer is moving enough. I wish people could embrace the common ground we stand on instead of fighting it…literally! Maybe one day the world will be free of hatred and terror but, every time I pick up a paper or log on to my Twitter I am reminded that I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.


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