In the eye of the beholder…

19 Sep

We’ve all heard the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wonder what it would be like to borrow someone else’s eyes and see what they see. Sounds creepy, but hear me out. I bring this up due to my recent learning of the Quidditch team at Mizzou. Like other students I would walk by  the Quad and stare through the columns to see people running around on brooms and wonder what the hell they were doing. Initial thoughts included: this has to be a joke, they are probably a bunch of weird HP freaks (though I love me some Harry Potter too), I sure hope they don’t consider this a sport, and many more.

After passing the Quidditch practice every Wednesday after class, however, I became intrigued and decided to pick the team as the topic for my multimedia project. I went to their practice and just returned from their first ever game….against good ole KU. For never playing another team they did pretty good and won one of the three games. In watching them practice, driving about 6 hours with some teammates, stopping for some eventful bathroom/food breaks, and watching a game my view toward them has completely changed.

First off, if you have never seen this game, just watch this please. I know, I know it looks crazy (and it truly is), but these kids are ruthless. Today there was a black eye and plenty of bumps and bruises to go around. I’d like to see the kids that walk past their practices and snicker endure what that I witnessed today. I think they deserve more respect….I mean they definitely got it from me! This team is just like every other sports team I’ve seen, possibly better. Most of them have never met before, yet they get along and play together with great camaraderie. What’s cool is they managed to create something for people who enjoy the same things (like Harry Potter and sports) and make it fun. My favorite part was realizing how much they really do like each other and support one another even though they are all so different. I also like their passion and how they just don’t care about what other people think of them.

It’s these moments in life that I live for. The ones that make the world seem just a little bit smaller. The times that open my eyes to new people and their interests, and getting to connect with them because we are not so different after all. I know now that I will be keeping up with the Quidditch team because I grew to like and respect them all a lot….and would like to see them slaughter KU next time around!!! I know that the whole concept is pretty nuts, but it’s cool to see and I honestly think people would love watching if they gave it a chance! I wish everyone would take a step back from their own lives for just a second and realize that everyone can have their own way of doing things. Taking this trip reminded me that passing judgment on people before knowing their story is one of the biggest mistakes we make in life!


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