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New obsession

17 Oct

The new advances just keep on coming! As an avid user of facebook, twitter, pinterest, WordPress and so on I doubt that I need any more media sites to take up my life. I can’t help myself with this new Google + though! It is awesome and everyone should try it.

It’s really cool because, unlike facebook where you are “friends” with people you barely know yet refuse to kick off your list, you get to make specific groups tailored to your liking. You can create “circles” where everyone involved can post and update in it kind of like a group. You can also do “hangouts” with them where its’s like a huge skype session with as many people as you want! It makes it a lot easier to keep up with the people’s lives that you are really interested in. I’m currently encouraging all of my family to get Google + as well so we can all stay in touch as we get older and grow apart. Of course I have some loyalty to the social media sites I’ve been using for a while, but I like this new Google because it’s a little more sophisticated crowd, which makes people more inclined to sign up! Even news stations and other journalists are using this technology, as well as celebrities and others too. I took this online tour about getting started and read this how-to article to get more acquainted, which both helped me out a lot. Everyone should get a Google + and start taking control of the way they do social media!


Rising to the challenge

9 Oct

“They are just trying to weed people out.”

I can’t count how many times I have heard this statement. Since I go to such a large university, this idea haunts many students…including me. I do not like the fact that getting my journalism education depends on whether I can pass general education classes. Although I’m not sure about their contribution to my future, I know that I have to get through them. I understand that people are going to be weeded out but, despite my complaints and my troubles, I will not be one of them.

This is because I live for challenging situations. The times when I have to push myself farther than I want to are the ones in which I surprise myself the most. I mean if I can’t suck it up and get through some college courses I won’t be able to handle half of the situations I may encounter later on in a real job. Even in my favorite class, Fundamentals of Multimedia, I am being challenged. So far it has been the most enjoyable class in my two years at Mizzou because I already know how to use the equipment and software, allowing me to have fun with assignments and do cool projects. Now, however, we are moving into video which I have very little experience in. I don’t know how the perfect questions to ask, where to shoot from, what exactly to shoot, or how to compile it well. But, in a weird way, I love that. I like learning new things that interest me and forcing myself to just go out and try it! I went on the internet and looked up a bunch of information about the techniques to use when working with a video camera and now I feel a lot more comfortable with my assignment. There just needs to be more of a yearn from students to learn and not be content with barely scraping by. I think people have become more lazy and forget that their true strength can be revealed by doing things that are out of their own element and putting in a little more extra effort. So, although I do not exactly enjoy going through some of the things I am now, I know it will make me more successful in the long run.


Social media, round 2

1 Oct

So as I contemplated in my last post about the abuses of social media it became quite a lengthy affair. In that, though, I forgot to mention my biggest annoyance with all of the posting and updating. It’s kids literally throwing their futures down the drain with every post and photo that they upload. I’ve noticed this is happening among all age group and it drives me absolutely crazy.

If you go look at facebook profiles kids in middle and high school you see long posts of people fighting online, girls in skimpy outfits, and much more. Even worse is people in college. I understand that my profile may not be a prime example of what one should be, but I am smarter than to deliberately post something that sheds me in a bad light. I have no pictures of drinking or illegal activities or nudity or anything else (I mean I wouldn’t do that anyway) because  I know that all of the information on these sites are public for everyone to see. I don’t think people quite grasp the idea that, whether you like it or not, your profiles through social media become you. They define you and present an image that others will see you by, despite who you really are. I get so sick of seeing tweets about how hungover someone is in class or seeing photos that make me want to send them to the person’s mother!!! I understand that it is fun to share our lives together through facebook and twitter and be able to see what goes on in each others lives, but people don’t realize that other people are looking too: employers.

This video about employers looking at people’s facebook profiles is a little outdated, but it still gets the point across. CEOs, bosses, managers, and so on are always screening their applicants and looking at their sites to see how they “really are.” I know that most people at this point with the profiles they have would not stand a chance at getting a job. I feel like this conversation has been had over and over, but people just aren’t listening. I know personally know people that have missed out on an opportunity because of their facebook page. It may not be fair, but it’s reality. I know my profiles may not be perfect, but I have always made a conscience effort to pay attention to what I post and make sure it is appropriate. My method is to always think about if I would show everything on my media sites to my parents or a potential employer for that matter, and I would. People should ask themselves the same question!