Rising to the challenge

9 Oct

“They are just trying to weed people out.”

I can’t count how many times I have heard this statement. Since I go to such a large university, this idea haunts many students…including me. I do not like the fact that getting my journalism education depends on whether I can pass general education classes. Although I’m not sure about their contribution to my future, I know that I have to get through them. I understand that people are going to be weeded out but, despite my complaints and my troubles, I will not be one of them.

This is because I live for challenging situations. The times when I have to push myself farther than I want to are the ones in which I surprise myself the most. I mean if I can’t suck it up and get through some college courses I won’t be able to handle half of the situations I may encounter later on in a real job. Even in my favorite class, Fundamentals of Multimedia, I am being challenged. So far it has been the most enjoyable class in my two years at Mizzou because I already know how to use the equipment and software, allowing me to have fun with assignments and do cool projects. Now, however, we are moving into video which I have very little experience in. I don’t know how the perfect questions to ask, where to shoot from, what exactly to shoot, or how to compile it well. But, in a weird way, I love that. I like learning new things that interest me and forcing myself to just go out and try it! I went on the internet and looked up a bunch of information about the techniques to use when working with a video camera and now I feel a lot more comfortable with my assignment. There just needs to be more of a yearn from students to learn and not be content with barely scraping by. I think people have become more lazy and forget that their true strength can be revealed by doing things that are out of their own element and putting in a little more extra effort. So, although I do not exactly enjoy going through some of the things I am now, I know it will make me more successful in the long run.



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