New obsession

17 Oct

The new advances just keep on coming! As an avid user of facebook, twitter, pinterest, WordPress and so on I doubt that I need any more media sites to take up my life. I can’t help myself with this new Google + though! It is awesome and everyone should try it.

It’s really cool because, unlike facebook where you are “friends” with people you barely know yet refuse to kick off your list, you get to make specific groups tailored to your liking. You can create “circles” where everyone involved can post and update in it kind of like a group. You can also do “hangouts” with them where its’s like a huge skype session with as many people as you want! It makes it a lot easier to keep up with the people’s lives that you are really interested in. I’m currently encouraging all of my family to get Google + as well so we can all stay in touch as we get older and grow apart. Of course I have some loyalty to the social media sites I’ve been using for a while, but I like this new Google because it’s a little more sophisticated crowd, which makes people more inclined to sign up! Even news stations and other journalists are using this technology, as well as celebrities and others too. I took this online tour about getting started and read this how-to article to get more acquainted, which both helped me out a lot. Everyone should get a Google + and start taking control of the way they do social media!


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