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Is this real life…

29 Nov

I love taking a trip to the Apple store because they always have some new crazy thing they are using. It’s kind of like stepping into the future for a little while where you wander if some of the things in there are actually real. I was walking around and waiting to get a new charger when I came across this little guy.  It is an attachment that lets you swipe a credit card on the go…on your phone! It is a square that goes right into the headphone jack and it takes the money out of the account at the end of the day. At first I thought people could just use it with their friends or something, but I can’t believe how much can be done with it. Think about it: street vendors, ticket scalpers, bell ringers collecting money outside of stores, and whoever else! Soon enough “not having any cash on me” will not be accepted, but I guess my credit card will!


Nerd alert…

11 Nov

The truth is I love computer stuff and I could probably work on editing photos or news pages for endless amounts of time. I do, however, get bored with a lot of coverage today. I understand that readers need to get their news in a simplified, practical way but does that mean it has to be boring? I think not.

I remember back in my high school days I loved making infographics for pages because it was a way to show my creativity and style. Also,  I believe that graphics, numbers, and pictures help people to better remember the information that was included because of the ingenious way it was presented. I know I would never use these infographics that I made in the past for any news publication, but I still think there needs to be more creativity in newspapers and newsmagazines!

Some people have even begun to take graphics to the next level on the internet by making them interactive, which is really cool! This website shows the growing population of the world through liquid colored dyes and canisters! It’s people like these that are taking the extra step to cater to their audience in a more effective way. Although there is not always an opportunity to produce online, I think reporters should still make a more conscious effort to engage their readers in other methods than just the normal print story.

The Main Squeeze

8 Nov

Looking for a new twist on your average meal in Columbia? Main Squeeze located downtown at 28 South 9th Street has a wide variety of food and drinks that are both good and good for you.
Owner Leigh Lockhart opened Main Squeeze back in 1998 and continues to run it today because she wanted to have a place for vegetarians to be able to eat.
“There is no vegetarian restaurant for over 100 miles and people in Columbia don’t sell organic foods,” cashier Natalie Duider said. “She [Lockhart] wanted a place to serve people healthy, natural food.”



The time has come

2 Nov

A few weeks ago in my Journalism lecture we were visited by leaders in each department of the Journalism school. Hearing each of them speak about all the various areas I can pursue in life was overwhelming. Take these classes, do this amount of hours, get an internship….it’s all happening so fast! Then again, this is what I’ve been waiting on for years. I finally get the chance to move into upper level classes and even closer to my career! Hearing all of their presentations made me proud to be majoring in journalism because it demands so much of me. In order to the best that I can have to perfect all of these different areas and have a variety of skills: writing, editing, video, photography, audio, etc. Even since I was in high school doing work for our publications just a few years ago things have changed drastically in the way journalists inform the public. I found a cool article about how journalism is evolving and I’m excited to be one of the people who initiates that change for the future consumers of media and news.