Nerd alert…

11 Nov

The truth is I love computer stuff and I could probably work on editing photos or news pages for endless amounts of time. I do, however, get bored with a lot of coverage today. I understand that readers need to get their news in a simplified, practical way but does that mean it has to be boring? I think not.

I remember back in my high school days I loved making infographics for pages because it was a way to show my creativity and style. Also,  I believe that graphics, numbers, and pictures help people to better remember the information that was included because of the ingenious way it was presented. I know I would never use these infographics that I made in the past for any news publication, but I still think there needs to be more creativity in newspapers and newsmagazines!

Some people have even begun to take graphics to the next level on the internet by making them interactive, which is really cool! This website shows the growing population of the world through liquid colored dyes and canisters! It’s people like these that are taking the extra step to cater to their audience in a more effective way. Although there is not always an opportunity to produce online, I think reporters should still make a more conscious effort to engage their readers in other methods than just the normal print story.


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