Is this real life…

29 Nov

I love taking a trip to the Apple store because they always have some new crazy thing they are using. It’s kind of like stepping into the future for a little while where you wander if some of the things in there are actually real. I was walking around and waiting to get a new charger when I came across this little guy.  It is an attachment that lets you swipe a credit card on the go…on your phone! It is a square that goes right into the headphone jack and it takes the money out of the account at the end of the day. At first I thought people could just use it with their friends or something, but I can’t believe how much can be done with it. Think about it: street vendors, ticket scalpers, bell ringers collecting money outside of stores, and whoever else! Soon enough “not having any cash on me” will not be accepted, but I guess my credit card will!


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